About the Journal

  • Journal Name: Al-Aasar
  • ISSN: (Print) 3006-6921
  • ISSN (Online) 3006-693X
  • Frequency: Semiannual
  • Submission: Via OJS System
  • Languages of Publication: Urdu


"Al-Aasar" is a groundbreaking journal dedicated to the exploration and analysis of cultural phenomena across various societies and historical periods. With a multidisciplinary approach, the journal delves into the intricate layers of cultural expression, shedding light on the dynamic interactions between traditions, ideologies, and societal transformations.

Scope and Focus:

The scope of "Al-Aasar" encompasses a wide array of cultural domains, including but not limited to literature, art, music, film, folklore, language, and heritage. By embracing diverse methodologies and theoretical frameworks, the journal seeks to unravel the complexities of cultural production and reception, offering fresh insights into the ways in which cultures shape and are shaped by human experiences.

Key Themes:

  • Cultural Hybridity and Globalization: "Al-Aasar" explores the effects of globalization on cultural identities and practices, examining processes of hybridization, adaptation, and resistance in a rapidly changing world.
  • Cultural Memory and Heritage Preservation: The journal investigates the construction and preservation of cultural memory, highlighting the role of literature, art, and oral traditions in shaping collective narratives and identities.
  • Power Dynamics and Cultural Representation: "Al-Aasar" critically engages with issues of representation and power in cultural production, interrogating the ways in which marginalized voices are silenced or misrepresented in mainstream discourse.
  • Technology and Cultural Transformation: From the printing press to the internet, the journal explores the impact of technological advancements on cultural production, dissemination, and consumption, analyzing how new media platforms shape cultural practices and identities.

Methodological Approach:

"Al-Aasar" welcomes contributions from scholars employing a variety of methodological approaches, including textual analysis, ethnography, archival research, comparative studies, and digital humanities. By fostering dialogue across disciplinary boundaries, the journal encourages innovative and interdisciplinary scholarship that advances our understanding of cultural phenomena.


The target audience of "Al-Aasar" includes academics, researchers, students, and practitioners with an interest in cultural studies, anthropology, sociology, literary studies, art history, media studies, and related fields. By providing a platform for rigorous scholarly inquiry and debate, the journal aims to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the enrichment of cultural discourse.