Peer Review Policy

  1. Introduction

"AlAasar" is committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity and scholarly excellence. Peer review is a fundamental aspect of ensuring the quality and validity of the research articles published in our journal. This policy outlines the peer review process followed by "AlAasar" to uphold these standards.

  1. Editorial Oversight

The Editorial Board of "AlAasar" oversees the peer review process. The EditorinChief assigns handling editors for each submitted manuscript. Handling editors are responsible for managing the peer review process, selecting appropriate reviewers, and making publication decisions based on reviewers' comments and editorial judgment.

  1. Peer Review Process

Upon submission, manuscripts undergo initial editorial assessment to ensure they meet the journal's scope and formatting guidelines. Submissions that pass this initial screening are sent for peer review.

  1. Selection of Reviewers

Reviewers are selected based on their expertise in the subject matter of the manuscript. They may include scholars, researchers, or practitioners with relevant experience in the field. Reviewers are chosen to provide impartial and constructive feedback on the manuscript.

  1. Peer Review Criteria

Reviewers evaluate manuscripts based on the following criteria:

 Originality and significance of the research

 Methodological rigor and validity

 Clarity and coherence of writing

 Contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the field

  1. Reviewer Anonymity

Reviewers remain anonymous to the authors throughout the peer review process to ensure unbiased evaluations. However, authors' identities are known to reviewers to facilitate any necessary correspondence.

  1. Reviewer Responsibilities

Reviewers are expected to:

 Provide fair, constructive, and timely feedback on the manuscript

 Disclose any conflicts of interest that may influence their review

 Maintain confidentiality regarding the manuscript and its contents


  1. Editorial Decision

Based on reviewers' comments and their own assessment, handling editors make one of the following decisions:

 Accept: The manuscript is accepted for publication without further revisions.

 Minor revisions: The manuscript requires minor revisions to address specific concerns raised by reviewers.

 Major revisions: The manuscript requires substantial revisions before it can be considered for publication.

 Reject: The manuscript does not meet the journal's standards and is not suitable for publication.

  1. Author Notification

Authors are notified of the editorial decision along with reviewers' comments and suggestions. In the case of revisions, authors are provided with clear guidance on addressing reviewers' concerns.

  1. Transparency and Accountability

"AlAasar" is committed to transparency and accountability in its peer review process. Authors are encouraged to provide feedback on the peer review experience, and the journal welcomes constructive criticism to improve its practices.